Guide: How to install .schematics

Hello and welcome to my new guide on how to install .schematics.
First of all I want to clarify some questions:

» What are '.schematics'?:
Schematics are the saved version from a built in order to import them into a map

» What do I need?:
Of course you need the schematic you want to import and a program which is able to import the file. We are looking at the program called 'McEdit'
You can download McEdit here (Click!)

You have everything mentioned above? Then read further!

» How do I import the schematic?:
(1) Install McEdit and run it
Usually McEdit creates a folder in 'Your PC\Documents\McEdit\Schematics"
This is the folder where you have to move your downloaded .schematic in.

(2) Run McEdit by clicking on 'mcedit.exe'. (It has the same symbole as above)

(3) Click on "Quick Load" and choose the world you want the .schematic in.

(Important: Do not load the map while the map is running in minecraft!)
Import Button

(4) Now you will find a large bar at the bottom.
Click on the one in the picture (right side)

(5) Choose the .schematic and open it.

(6) Move it where you want to place it. 
In order to move it:
» Left click on "Nudge"
Nudge and Import
» Navigate with W/A/S/D/Space/Shift

(7) Click on 'Import'


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